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Veteran Partners

Corey Smith


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Jennifer Rattlif


After September 11, Jennifer Ratliff knew she wanted to serve in the Marine Corps. She was still in high school and only 17, but she was determined. So, with both her parents signing off she left for Parris Island and earned the title of a United States Marine. She soon deployed for Afghanistan, one of the most challenging landscapes any soldier can face. 

"I’m finally part of something that is much greater than myself. My experience has been nothing short of life altering, and I want to help other veterans who are struggling just like I was. Foundation 14 is changing lives in such a way that no other organization I’ve been associated with can achieve, and it’s so much more than a motorcycle, it’s a family."

Darcy Barry


Darcy enlisted in the United States Marine Corp in 2008 after graduating high school. In 2009, he found himself in Helman Province as a Field Operator for a Grunt Unit doing foot patrols. Darcy completed 2 tours with the same unit, 3rd Battalion – 3rd Marines. These weren’t easy tours. He lost friends. He lost brothers. These were men he trained with, lived with, worked with… they were his family. Why was he the one who got to go home?

Jeff Sadler


Jeff was deployed to Falluja/Ramadi in 2003 - 2004. He was part of urban foot patrols as part of the M2A2 Bradley Fighting Units - he had also been given the additional duty of company armorer. Jeff was a soldier that has seen the worst that war has to offer. He stepped up when necessary including voluntarily leaving his vehicle to provide additional support during complicated raids. His dedication, and leadership was recognized by his commanding officer; “he was an outstanding soldier whose performance consistently exceeded his rank...including his performance under fire”.

Pat Calender


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Joshua Mull


Josh Mull served in the USMC and completed three combat deployments in Iraq. After returning his life was turned upside down from combat related stress. After facing his demons head on Josh is now compelled to serve his fellow veterans by working in a mentor-ship program for young vets as well as other veteran health organizations. Being a combat vet, going to school, and doing it as a single father - life isn’t always easy.

Mike Palmer


SSG Michael Palmer, US Army - didn’t stop when he left the service. After serving 8 Years, 2 tours oversees, he returned to civilian life but continued as a leader, in service to our community and veterans. Mike has a long list of accomplishments - from being a lieutenant for the Rochester Fire Department, President of Motor City Veterans Hockey League (a nonprofit that works with disabled veterans), volunteering for New Day (a cancer support nonprofit), volunteering for his daughters hockey league... see where this is going? Mike is a badass in the community.

Rob Streeter


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Steve Raper

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anthony pegouskie.jpg

Anthony Pegouskie

Sgt Anthony Pegouskie earned the title of a US Marine in 2007 and is currently a Marine Reservist. His Military Occupational Specialty is as a 0341 (Mortarman), and 0571(Foreign Security Forces Advisor). Anthony also gained his certification as a Foreign Weapons Instructor and is Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certified.

Brian & Michelle Wager


Michelle- We could tell you more about her experience, loss, her struggles and sacrifices - but that isn’t her story. Her story starts after being ordered to go on a mission that put her and her team at risk. Her story starts after they were hit. After her friends died in service for our country. After sustaining major injuries including the loss of her left leg.

Brian-     Coming Soon

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